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Getting Married this year? Here are some Hints and Tips

If you are getting married this year, may we be the first to congratulate you!

If you've booked us to manage your event/ take care of your catering, Great! We are BUZZING to be a part of your big day and really cannot wait to work with you in creating some very special memories.

So... its 2023 and you're probably wondering... are we on track?

Well... as you start the countdown towards your big day, it might feel overwhelming- that sense of- 'do i have everything ready?'

The chances are, you are more ready than you feel, but we're going to create a series of blogs to help you through the lead up to your wedding and offer you some hints, tips and advise.

If you're working with us already (good job!). remember, you can call upon our extensive event and wedding planning knowledge as often as you'd like - we're here for you!

So, here we go…

Its january, and we're still working in months- so here's where we think we should be at, right now...

1) You have a partner to marry.

We find that weddings work best when there are 2 people at the alter... call us old fashioned.

2) Venue is booked deposit is paid and terms agreed.

Things to consider:

✅ Access dates and times

Have these agreed and written by the venue. Who will let you in/ issue keys if necessary? In the event of marquee weddings, when is handover before and after the wedding?

✅ Waste disposal

It is imperative that a waste disposal agreement is in place. Lots of venues are now leaving waste management to the couples. Please be very clear with your venue about whose responsibility it is. Do not underestimate the volume of trash generated at a wedding. It can be quite overwhelming in the days after your wedding and definitely not how you'd like to start married life... knee deep in trash!

✅ Dressing policy

Do find out from your venue about fixing to their walls. Even blue tac is "illegal" in some venues, so if you're considering hanging photos, lights, banners/ bunting, ask for a written policy from them. Its best to not have on the day surprises.

✅ Find out from your venue what you can/ cannot use

Where possible, have this in writing too. It is always best to have a walk around with a representative of the venue and a responsible member of your wedding party. If you've already done this, well done! We do however strongly advise you to do this again within 4 weeks of your wedding. Hint: check the tables and chairs for quantities and safety and take a stock of the plates, cutlery and crockery. Also look out for any additional site specifics that you agreed (tablecloths/ perhaps an upgrade to the audio equipment/ facilities that you were promised).

Wedding venues change a lot as venues "upgrade", "downgrade" redecorate etc. Due to heavy use of these venues throughout the season, wear and tear of the venue often occurs. Do not be afraid to ask your venue to rectify any differences between your visits. What you permit, you promote - so keep your expectations high. :)

✅ Licensing

Ask your venue for a copy of their licence and have them explain it to you. You'll need 2 licences for alcohol - sale and consumption. Did you know that you also need a licence for live and recorded music too? So if you've got a DJ and/ band, check this out, also.

✅ Car parking

Is it freely open? Is it easily accessible and plentiful? Is it solely for you or can others unrelated to your wedding use it, too?

✅ Staffing

How many staff will be present on your wedding day from the venue? Bar staff/ coordinators etc? Try and get as many mobile numbers as you can for different people from the venue and keep a list handy at all times ie venue manager/ out of hours marquee person/ caretaker/ in house coordinator etc.

3. Food, Glorious food!

Great Choice- if you've got us catering your wedding! Right now. your menu should be agreed in principle and numbers, pretty much there. You should have your deposit paid and a package in your hand that you are super happy with. If you're unsure about anything on your menu, do be sure to ask your catering team.

With us, at this stage, we're not too concerned about dietary requirements, we'll wait for your RSVPs back. :)

My biggest advice is- Your menu should EXCITE you! It should reflect you and your partner and be a display of foods you love for a reason... let your food tell a story- it'll be an excellent talking point for your big day.

4. Order of Day

You should have a running order for your day in its simplest form right now... - from the time you wake to the time you sleep. As your day grows, these plans will become more elaborate and more detailed. Think of it as your moodboard/ master plan/ war room document.

This plan is perfectly prepared in Excel. Be sure to add times of arrivals and departures of guests, suppliers, events you have booked etc. This is your WHO/ WHAT/ WHERE/ WHEN/ HOW for your wedding. Have a meeting with your bridal party and fully brief them on this document- it'll be a real reassurance for you on your day, knowing that there is a plan and the people around you all know your expectation will be a source of great peace whilst you are trying to enjoy the first hours of your married life. Make sure you write on there where your entire bridal party needs to be, when and how.

On your OOD (Order of Day), do add supplier details in the greatest depth possible and include contact numbers- theses are key contacts who can be contacted in an emergency.

One week before your wedding, print the final copy of this - it's probably the most important thing you will produce as part of your wedding. If you need any help with this, we'd be delighted to assist you, just give us a shout and we'll get it going with you- we've already got one going for your wedding if we're working with you.

SO... We're still very much at 'the big pieces' stage at the moment- we should have a location, a catering package and most importantly, somebody to marry... If you're ahead of the game- well done!

But, if you were feeling a little lost in the wedding process, hopefully this will have given you some relief, and you'll feel more at ease when those items are ticked off your list.

Next month, we'll be looking to ensure that our suppliers are lined up and ready to deliver your dream wedding- so stay tuned.

If you have any questions in the meantime, Do not hesitate to contact our events team- our wedding planners and coordinators are ready to help you.

Happy wedding planning, friends,


Cel & Team Global

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